Radiator Service


Brisbane Radiators is a company that specialises in radiator repairs. From precision radiator repairs to air conditioner re-gassing, we'll take care of all your auto heating and cooling needs. We service all makes and models of cars and trucks, including high-performance and reconditioned vehicles.


Why not give us a call if your vehicle is overheating? We may be able to repair your existing radiator instead of replacing it, allowing you to get back on the road faster and for less money.


To provide you peace of mind and assure satisfaction, all servicing and repair work comes with images of the internal state of your radiator. Cleaning, pressure testing, and painting of all cleanouts is completed. Repairs and cleanouts can be completed in as little as three hours! Call us immediately for the best radiator services in QLD.


We have access to a large number of radiator core sections, and if one isn't accessible, we can design and build one specifically for you! Your old components will be completely repaired or replaced, ensuring that your re-core is returned to you in like-new condition, saving you time and money.

New Radiator Assemblies

To suit the tough circumstances of Australia, we provide new radiator assembly services and recommend established and trustworthy brands. Brisbane Radiators is proud of its long-standing partnership with Australia's most prestigious and longest-running manufacturer.